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  • 18 Sep 2013 4:38 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    YRCC Members, please visit the Members section regularly. 
    Small Group sign-ups are being done online in the Events section. 
    Sign in and Sign up, please! 
  • 13 Sep 2013 6:26 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    For those interested in singing a solo song, and for people interested in singing extra music in a small group:

    Solos and duets. Let me know asap what you're thinking of singing. Once I've heard from everyone, I'll choose 3 or 4. 

    There will be sign-ups for small groups, but let Renate know asap if you're interested. Small groups meet at 6:30, or sometimes after choir until 10. We have the room from 6-10. Heather and Anne-Marie prepare the small groups. 

    And, think of what songs you'd like to sing for the small groups and solo songs. We have one piece ordered so far, the Twelve Groovy Days of Christmas.

    Our theme this season is Canada in December: Celebrate with us!
    We could use some upbeat celebration music, and some pretty, ethnic Christmas or holiday music, anything in French, First Nations, famous Canadian artists, ice and snow,...
  • 30 Aug 2013 10:26 AM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    On September 9th, please come a bit early so that we can get through registration fast and do some singing! ♫ I'm dying to sing with you all again! I've missed choir so badly this summer. I'm looking forward to working on some excellent new music and some beautiful favourites.

    Pre-registering here online will speed things up. You'll only have to pay your fees. You can write a cheque to York Region Community Choir or pay cash. 
    Once you've paid your fees, you'll get your binder. ♫

    We'll be reviewing pieces that we've done before, but we might look at something new too, if we have time. 

    Please work together with the Executive to make the registration process run smoothly so we can sing as much as possible! ♫


    PS I've heard that there's a good chance we can let in some of the waiting list! So, we'll have some new friends to meet. Yay! Welcome newcomers! 
  • 30 Jul 2013 6:41 PM | Patricia Verge (Administrator)
    Calling #13, 14, 15, 18, 21, 29, 37, 44, and 54... you know who you are!

    An executive member will be contacting you in the near future to remind you to turn in your binder.  It is your responsibility to drop it off at 173 Flagstone Way, any time, day or night.  There is a waterproof box on my porch that is checked daily, it will be safe and dry there. 

    I'm sure you're having a busy summer, as I am, but come September I'm sure you'll appreciate having a complete and updated set of new music. 

    My thanks in advance.

    Trix, your neighbourhood binder harpy
  • 16 Jun 2013 12:13 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    Thanks to Gerry and his family for recording and posting our concert on YouTube! Do watch them. You'll be amazed at how great we sounded! I'm very proud of how well the concert went.  

    Videos are excellent learning tools. First, just enjoy how wonderful we all look and sound together. 

    Then, later, look at the videos with a critical eye and see where you can improve. Have a look at yourself singing. Are you one of the ones who look like they're enjoying themselves, or one of the few (and fewer each time) who still look stressed. Can you hear your voice above the others? That's not the same as picking your voice out. Look at how everyone is standing and holding binders. Do you fit in or stick out? Is it because you're gorgeous or because you're not watching when everyone else is? 

    Overall, we look fabulous and sound flawless, but we know that there is room for improvement :) 
  • 13 Jun 2013 9:51 AM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    Next Wednesday, June 19th, I'll be one of the judges of the Chartwell Senior Star Competition. ♥

    You can come and watch (tickets available from the Barton, Alexander Muir, Park Place, or Resthaven) from 2-4 at The Aurora Legion at 105 Industrial Parkway North in Aurora. Here's a link to the flyer. 

    ♫ If you are a contestant, please let me know asap. ♫

  • 11 Jun 2013 12:04 PM | Patricia Verge (Administrator)
    Hello Choristers!

    Please remember that your Black Binder, and all the music you've received this season must be returned upon your last performance of the season.  The binder process will be starting early in July and all must be turned in by then.

    If you cannot hand it in this Monday at the AGM or next Monday at the Alexander Muir performance, then please drop at at my home, 173 Flagstone Way.  There is a waterproof box on my front porch, and you`re welcome to drop it there anytime.  Of course, if I`m home, come in for a coffee if you like! ;-)

    As some of you experienced last September, if your binder is not returned in time, when you start the Season again in September, we will not have a binder ready for you.  And that`s no fun for anyone!

    So... Be in Tune, and Hand Your Binder in Soon! LOL
  • 07 Jun 2013 10:28 AM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    Thanks to the incredible support we received from the public who attended the Choral Celebration in April and the seven choirs who participated, the Evergreen Choir, after all expenses had been paid, was able to make a donation to each of the following charities at the choir's end-of-year pot luck dinner on Tuesday, June 4: 

    1. RISE & SHINE ($350) ‹ a program operated by the Aurora United Church offering breakfast every Saturday morning. This cheque was received by Carol Lever of the United Church. 

    2. COMMUNITY & HOME ASSISTANCE FOR SENIORS ($250) ‹ an organization dedicated to helping seniors in many ways. This cheque was received by Tim Jones of C.H.A.T.S.

    3. WELCOMING ARMS ($250) ‹ an ecumenical outreach program serving those in need.This cheque was jointly received by Ralph Birtch of the United Church and Suzanne Trudelle of the Catholic Church. Again, our thanks to your choir and everyone who came to the Choral Celebration on April 27 and helped to make the above donations possible. 

    Sylvia Gilchrist 
    Chair, Choral Celebration Organizating Committee Evergreen Choir
  • 06 Jun 2013 10:16 AM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    The Celebration of Life of Eithne's (soprano) husband, John Lant is this Sunday, June 9th from 1-4 at RedCrest Golf&Country Club at 17700 Keele St, north of Davis. Click here for the obituary notice in the Star. 
  • 02 Jun 2013 2:43 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    The next 4 Mondays, we are on the road. 

    Check the calendar for maps and timing, also listed here on the Events page. 

    Many of you have not signed up. Please sign up, and please come to the seniors' performances. They are very rewarding and fun.

    >>Soloists: if you cannot be there for a performance where I have chosen your song, please let me know and I'll see if I can find a back-up for that night. Otherwise, I'll have to make last-minute changes which can be stressful. 

    For the program of music, go to Members: Seniors Performance Orders. 

    Always be prepared for changes. Always bring all of your music just in case. 

    Be sure to hand in your binder to Trix when you have sung at your last event. All binders should be returned to Trix by the beginning of July so that we can prepare your binder for the Winter Season starting in September. 

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