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Alternate rehearsal space and other news

14 Jan 2017 7:37 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)

Don't forget! We're at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Aurora this Monday, January 16th!

Members should have all received an email, but can also find this information on our Google Calendar. There are several links to the calendar on this website and there are links to the calendar on my blog as well. There are links to my blog in a couple of different places on this website as well. Click around. Make yourself at home.

On my blog, Renate's Baton, I write about each rehearsal during the week after. If you missed it, you'll know what we did while you were away. And, I post which songs we will be singing the following Monday, so you can prepare if you like. We don't always do all the things that I plan to do, but it's pretty close. 

Also on the blog, I listed a number of Canadian songs for you to consider if you want to create a small group or sing a solo. We have a lot of folk music in our repertoire, so please consider a pop song. There are tons of great songs written by Canadians. 

We also have a Facebook page you can follow for news and musical stuff. 

We do our best to communicate with you. Please do your part and read all choir emails, especially before each Monday, and look our for news on the website, here, on my blog and on Facebook. 

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