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Boogie Woogie Man Small Group

03 Feb 2015 9:15 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)

Registration for the Boogie Woogie Man Small Group is now open!

This is a very small group-10 women only. Let's give first dibs to women who are not in the Musical Medley Group, please.

There are 2 parts, both of which get pretty high, up to Eb, and spending a lot of time on C. 

This lively song will be tons of fun. 

Rehearsals start Mon. Feb. 23 at 6:30


  • 03 Feb 2015 9:30 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
    Have a look at the photo gallery. The first shot is what we want to happen again. The energy between Tracey, Trix and Enid was fantastic.
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