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Return all Choir Binders and Music ASAP!

15 Jul 2014 7:48 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)

We always return our binders with all the music in them at the end of every season. People take all the music out and file away what is not going to be used the following season in numerical and alphabetical order, and then people fill them up again with the next season's music before the first rehearsal. It's done by a bunch of people in Trix's basement, and it takes time and space and planning. It's a ton of work and it needs to be done now, and then again after Christmas. Our last season ended on June 16th. It is now July 15th. All the binders should be in Trix's basement. If yours is still at your house, make sure it gets to Trix's as soon as possible: tonight, tomorrow?

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