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St Andrew's Newmarket invitation to sing

17 Jun 2014 1:10 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)

Some of you were involved in a concert at St. Andrew's in Newmarket a while back, (a very impressive Easter thing) which was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. The church is celebrating an anniversary with a big concert and is inviting additional singers to join. The concert will take place in the fall, Oct. 25th, but it appears that the rehearsals are scheduled to start now, this weekend and next. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you the contact name and number.

Here's some of the text from an email I received: 

You might have heard about the 180th Anniversary celebration (2014) at St Andrews Presbyterian church. Edward and team are putting together a huge presentation in October. It is going to be a selection of the Great Hymns of the Universal church. Practices are scheduled in June and back again in Sept/October. I also asked Edward, if he would consider doing a repeat performance as a fund raiser, for the Aurora United church that burnt down. He graciously accepted as long as it was well coordinated. I have the go ahead from Fr. Joe Gorman, the pastor of Our Lady of Grace in Aurora for Saturday 25th October at 7 PM. So if all planning goes well, we have 2 performances, hopefully to packed audiences.

This is going to be a truly Ecumenical Musical celebration with participation from Presbyterian, Anglican, United, Baptist and Catholic choirs. Edward seems to think that there will be around 75 voices + instrumentalists. If you know of additional singers who would like to join, please feel free to let them know.


  • 24 Jun 2014 6:21 PM | Deleted user
    Hi Renate, Is it too late to be in St. Andrews and the Aurora concerts in October? I just got the info today so missed the practices. But as a long time church goer I probably know most of the music.jean farley
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    • 16 Aug 2014 4:34 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
      If you want to be involved in this event, you'll have to contact the organizer or St. Andrew's. Email me for contact info.
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