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Tenors and Basses, and Altos, oh my! (please sign up)

11 Dec 2013 8:32 AM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
We're in need of Tenors and Basses for the next 3 performances: Dec.16 at Barton, Dec.21 at Hillary House, and Dec.23 at Aurora Resthaven. Please sign up, so I can relax! Two of those are on Monday nights, choir night, and it's only an hour. You can do it! And, it's so worthwhile!

I'd also like to see more Altos at Hillary House. 

Hillary House is a national historic site, a museum run by the Aurora Historical Society. It's been decorated with traditional Christmas decorations by the Aurora Horticultural Society, and they have their usual displays. We get in free to enjoy the museum and we get to sing in their ballroom. It should be really special. 

These special shows that we do are really rewarding and much less stressful than our concert. We get to perform our beautiful songs that we worked on so hard, and do some simple holiday singing, plus, it's fun and much less formal. The audience is small and we get to interact with them. Come and see!

I wish we could do more of them, and I wish we could have everyone participate. 


  • 16 Dec 2013 4:14 PM | Deleted user
    Registration appears closed for Dec 23 at Aurora Resthaven. Does that mean no more men required?
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