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Soloists and small groups first call

13 Sep 2013 6:26 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
For those interested in singing a solo song, and for people interested in singing extra music in a small group:

Solos and duets. Let me know asap what you're thinking of singing. Once I've heard from everyone, I'll choose 3 or 4. 

There will be sign-ups for small groups, but let Renate know asap if you're interested. Small groups meet at 6:30, or sometimes after choir until 10. We have the room from 6-10. Heather and Anne-Marie prepare the small groups. 

And, think of what songs you'd like to sing for the small groups and solo songs. We have one piece ordered so far, the Twelve Groovy Days of Christmas.

Our theme this season is Canada in December: Celebrate with us!
We could use some upbeat celebration music, and some pretty, ethnic Christmas or holiday music, anything in French, First Nations, famous Canadian artists, ice and snow,...

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