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YouTube videos are up!

16 Jun 2013 12:13 PM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
Thanks to Gerry and his family for recording and posting our concert on YouTube! Do watch them. You'll be amazed at how great we sounded! I'm very proud of how well the concert went.  

Videos are excellent learning tools. First, just enjoy how wonderful we all look and sound together. 

Then, later, look at the videos with a critical eye and see where you can improve. Have a look at yourself singing. Are you one of the ones who look like they're enjoying themselves, or one of the few (and fewer each time) who still look stressed. Can you hear your voice above the others? That's not the same as picking your voice out. Look at how everyone is standing and holding binders. Do you fit in or stick out? Is it because you're gorgeous or because you're not watching when everyone else is? 

Overall, we look fabulous and sound flawless, but we know that there is room for improvement :) 

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