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16 Oct 2012 9:19 AM | Renate Naghavi (Administrator)
We're well on our way with all of our pieces now. 
I just announced that we're dropping Welcome, Welcome Winter for this year. We have to do it next year. It's an awesome song, and I'm disappointed that we're not able to sing it this winter, but we need to work on the stuff we have in the time that we have left. 

Please review your music whenever you have a chance and make use of the sound recordings online in the Resources section of the Members-only content. (If you're encountering any challenges with downloading and creating song files or CD's please contact Trix for help. She's quite willing to walk you through the process.)

If you miss a rehearsal, go to my blog to see what you missed. I've been posting what we do each week. Just look for the post titled with the date you missed. 

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