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 "2000 Years of Music" Recording CDLiner   "Shenandoah




 YRCC Winter Concert at York Region Admin Ctr Dec. 14, 2008    
 YRCC Winter Tour: Horticultural Society Holiday Party, Trinity United Christmas Gala, Clock Tower, Barton, Alexander Muir, Sunrise     
 Character Community Awards April 2009 Photo 
 YRCC Spring Concert: at Trinity Anglican? Jun.14, 2009    



 YRCC Winter Concert Dec. 2009 looking for records of our Winter concert

 YRCC/ St. Andrew's Fundraising concert: Apr.19, 2010    
 YRCC Spring Concert: Thank You for the Music: Celebrating the music of Great Songwriters: May 16, 2010  Program  
 YRCC Spring Tour: Barton, Clock Tower, Alexander Muir    


 YRCC Christmas Concert: Dec. 5, 2010  Program  
 YRCC Winter Tour: Trinity United Christmas Gala, Barton, Alexander Muir, Mackenzie House    
 Inaugural Mayor's Prayer Breakfast Mar. 27, 2011  Program  
 YRCC Spring Concert: Thank You for the Music: Celebrating Great Performers: May 7, 2011  Program  

 In Harmony with the Community: YR Police Male Chorus Nov. 12, 2011    
 YRCC Winter Concert: A Concert of Peace and Joy Dec. 4, 2011  Program  
 YRCC Spring Concert: Showbiz: Songs from Stage and Screen May 5, 2012


 YRCC Spring Tour: Amica, Barton, Doane House Hospice, Hollandview Trail, Aurora Retirement Centre, Newmarket Health Centre, Alexander Muir, Park Place Manor,    
 Fairy Lake Performance for "Music in the Park" July 4, 2012    

 YRCC Winter Concert: Together For the Holidays Dec. 2, 2012  Poster
 Aurora's 150th Choral Celebration: Apr. 27, 2013 (in Aurora United Church)  Poster  
 YRCC Spring Concert: Singing With Friends, Spreading Harmony Jun.1, 2013   Poster  


 YRCC Winter Concert: Celebrate With Us: Canada in December    
 Choral Extravaganza: Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts Jan.26, 2014 Flyer  
 YRCC Spring Concert: Take Me Home: Canada and Songs that Take us Home  Flyer  


 YRCC Winter Concert: We Are Winter (Winter Olympics in Canada) Dec.1, 2014    

 YRCC Spring Concert 2015: 20 Years of Harmony YRCC 20th Anniversary




YRCC Winter Concert 2015: 20th Anniversary Christmas Concert: Dec. 6, 2015  Flyer  
YRCC Spring Concert 2016: Joy of Singing: May 7, 2016


YRCC Winter Concert 2016: Singing Joy to the World     
YRCC Spring Concert 2017: Canada 150  

YRCC Winter Concert 2017: Canada in December Canada 150  Poster  
YRCC Spring Concert 2018: Harmony & Unity: May 6, 2018  Poster  


 YRCC Winter Concert 2018: The Meaning of Fa-la-la (Peace and Love)    
 YRCC Spring Concert 2019: Just Love- It's all we need    

 YRCC Winter Concert 2019: Giving Our Hearts  Poster  
 YRCC Spring Concert 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic    


Pandemic Year-Zoom Choir Only



YRCC in the Park -outdoor, socially distanced rehearsals in August,2021  
 YRCC Winter Concert?  
 YRCC Spring Concert: We Rise Again  


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